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IT, Outsourcing & Data Privacy

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NOERR_IT, OUTSOURCING & DATA PRIVACY IT projects Developing software or, more often, implementing complex standard software in a company, requires intensive collaboration between client and contractor with a clear division of responsibilities set out in the contract. Both sides also need contractual instruments to support project management. Spotting risks or problems early on should be promoted in the contract so that the project can be a success. And if anything does go wrong, it takes a detailed and technically solid analysis of the project situation and clear recommendations based on this analysis to solve the crisis. Our services at a glance: • Planning, conducting and supporting complex IT projects, including recording the legal risks and requirements and advising on suitable measures • Performing a legal cost-benefit-risk analysis of IT projects • Drafting, reviewing and optimising contracts for IT products and services, plus supporting with ongoing contract management • Planning and drafting contracts and licensing models, including supporting with software licence management • Advising and assisting in drafting and implementing IT restructuring plans, including after a merger or joint venture • Supporting special constellations (such as international software platforms or open-source projects) • Advising on employment law for IT employees • Advising and supporting the realignment of crisis-hit IT projects and protecting rights upon premature termination 12

IT, OUTSOURCING & DATA PRIVACY_NOERR E-commerce Companies are leveraging the opportunities of e-commerce and mobile commerce. In addition to new business models and online platforms, many companies are expanding their traditional sales channels with multi-channel distribution structures. This sustained trend has arrived in all industries. In this dynamic environment, we are at the cutting edge of innovation together with our clients. And this requires creative and forward-thinking legal solutions. We help our clients not only with individual aspects, but with all legal issues throughout the value chain. Our interdisciplinary e-commerce experts specialise in various areas of law and collaborate closely with each other to produce workable and efficient solutions with you. Our services at a glance: • Advising on designing a legally watertight website, online store, platform model and other e-commerce/mobile commerce solutions • Drafting terms of use, privacy policies and declarations of consent, including implementing the requirements of consumer protection law • Advising on internationalising online stores and other online business models • Advising on dual distribution systems and distribution antitrust law • Supporting with logistics fulfilment • Advising on FinTech, e-payment and payment methods • Assisting with online banking and online brokerage • Advising on social commerce • Handling issues of competition, marketing and advertising • Reviewing the data-privacy compliance of digital business models • Advising on domains (trademarks and copyrights, registrations and transfers) • Supporting in the field of e-gaming and e-betting 13


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