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IT, Outsourcing & Data Privacy

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NOERR_IT, OUTSOURCING & DATA PRIVACY Digitalisation/Industry 4.0 Digitalisation is rapidly transforming nearly all areas of the economy, society and daily life. The internet, mobile communications and digital apps have been commonplace for some time. Now the Internet of Things is becoming a reality: more and more products and machines are linked to each other. Digital technologies will change the processes of value creation and innovation. Industry is driving this transformation and is driven by it. The key is to keep track of rapid technological developments by maintaining a continuous exchange between legal practitioners, politicians and academics. Companies have a great deal of individual responsibility, especially in contract law: particularly when setting up R&D collaborations, allocating rights, protecting trade secrets and implementing outsourcing, cloud computing and insurance solutions. Our services at a glance: • Advising on developing and launching digital business models (Industry 4.0) and a coordinated digitalisation strategy • Drafting agreements for rights of use • Guidelines for implementing statutory regulations • “Health checks” (legal due diligence + legal review of the facts established and proposals for improvement) • Litigation (enforcing warranty and/or liability claims, for example) • IoT platforms • Blockchain & Smart Contracts • Ensuring data privacy 8

IT, OUTSOURCING & DATA PRIVACY_NOERR Data privacy 9 Progressive digitalisation and networking lead to seemingly unlimited opportunities for capturing, analysing and commercialising personal data. New business models, existing business models modified by the extended use of data and business processes must be adapted to the relevant dataprivacy framework. And of course creative solutions must be found. At the same time, a globalised world needs international strategies and solutions to protect data privacy which are practically feasible while meeting the various applicable regulations. Advice on and structuring of data-privacy law matters must always take into account also the legal framework conditions of other areas of law, such as contract law, consumer protection law, antitrust and employment law. Our focused full-service approach with specialists from all areas allows us to provide you with precisely the integrated advice you need. Our services at a glance: • Implementing rules on corporate data privacy compliance, including international data transfer (to the US for example) • Centralising IT infrastructure in companies and groups, e.g. launching centralised HR administration tools and skills databases • Involving external service providers and outsourcing providers (onshore and offshore) • Advising on cloud computing solutions • Handling intra-group data transfer, especially in matrix organisations (national and international) • Promoting and setting up customer relationship management systems and customer loyalty schemes • Advising on Big Data applications • Advising on affiliate marketing, email retargeting and other methods of individually attracting customers and potential customers • Advising on developing new technology in compliance with data privacy law and on privacy by design • Advising on regulating the personal use of company IT tools, especially email and the internet • Drafting rules for the issue of “bringing your own device” • Advising on data-privacy compliance when scanning company email accounts, such as during internal investigations or international court cases • Auditing the data-privacy status of companies and designing structures that comply with data-privacy law (national and international) • Training data-privacy officers and employees on data protection


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