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AUTOMOTIVE & NEW MOBILITY_NOERR The automotive industry is in a state of fundamental upheaval. Tougher requirements concerning environmental sustainability, digitalisation, and changing mobility requirements mean new challenges for the industry’s existing business models. The ecological impact of fossil fuels requires companies to think about new forms of mobility. Innovative new means of propulsion range from the use of biofuels, hydrogen and natural gas to hybrid motors and completely electrified vehicles. Digitalisation opens up new mobility concepts, with the possibility of autonomous driving and networked cars, but at the same time entails risks such as the software being infected by viruses or car-hacking. It essentially involves the monitoring and intelligent control of the car of the future and the associated data. New players such as internet service providers, software providers or technology companies will become cooperation partners, or alternatively competitors, of automotive manufacturers by entering into appropriately structured and secured agreements. Mobility concepts such as car sharing are growing in importance. Nowadays, automotive manufacturers offer not only vehicles but also multimodal mobility services. The legal topics and questions arising in this context are many and varied. In the distribution sector, automotive manufacturers are faced with the challenge of linking offline and online trading. This entails restructuring the conventional organisation of sales and distribution and taking into account new legal possibilities for structuring these processes, allowing products such as new cars or services, parts and accessories to also be sold directly to the end-customer in the future and enabling the customer to use online functions in their car whenever required. At the same time, in emerging markets characterised by increasing industrialisation there are new market opportunities waiting to be discovered – either for sales or as production locations. In practice these developments present great challenges. We are ready and able to help you meet these challenges so that you are in a position to make the right decisions, minimise risks, and make the most of new opportunities. 5


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